Digital Families Workshop


Participant, NHS, Dorset: “This hugely useful workshop increased my confidence in addressing digital  media challenges and how I might approach this professionally and personally.”

Do you feel that your training and experience has not equipped you to deal with clinical issues which stem from our clients’ digital social worlds?

Does it often seem as if the familiar boundaries which defined our clients’ private and public social worlds (and our relationship to them) are being undermined?

Are you losing confidence in your own sense of professional agency and your ability to work with this new generation of digitally sponsored problems, issues, contexts and dilemmas?

With the greatly increased use of social media by young people, concern is growing week by week over it’s impact on many aspects of their mental health as well as on family life in general.

My interest in this area dates back to 2014 when, as editor of the journal of family therapy I commissioned and edited a special issue on social media and the family.

Since then I’ve provided consultation to the media and to parents and professionals on digital life skills for families and this innovative workshop presents mental health professionals with an opportunity to develop new templates for responding effectively to the unprecedented challenges they now face.

The experiential workshop draws on the latest social science research combined with insights from digital media professionals who work in the industry as well as perspectives from leading clinicians.  

Participant, CAHMS, Aldershot: “The idea of using curiosity, context and a relational focus to address these issues has shifted my thinking from a fearful position to a more curious and hopeful one.”

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