image by  Melisande

image by Melisande

I work with couples across the family life cycle.

I draw on the Exeter model and offer six to twelve session of systemic couples psychotherapy for issues such as:

  • Separation, Divorce and the impact on children.
  • Impact of affairs and infidelity on couple relationships.
  • The impact of unemployment and transitions back to employment on the couple relationship.
  • Sex and intimacy in the couple relationship.
  • Fertility and pregnancy issues, adoption and it's impact on couple relationships.
  • Couples where one partner is depressed and/or has mental health issues.
  • Gendered inversions in couple relationships.
  • Single parenting, re-coupling and blended family relationships.
  • Intimate partner violence.

I have experience in working with lesbian and gay, transnational and migrant, LAT (Living Apart Together) and commuting couples.

I am the founder and director of 'The London Intercultural Couples Centre' at the Child and Family Practice with a special interest in working with interracial, intercultural and interfaith couples and mixed race families