I provide cultural consultation to the media on social and political issues.  

 On the occasion of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s 70th anniversary I was interviewed by Sky News on the subject of the changing face of marriage since the second world war.

I have also provided commentary for London’ Evening Standard on the impact of Brexit on family and couple relationships.

I am often asked to provide commentary on parenting issues and family relationships, for example this article in Junior Times on reducing conflict at mealtimes and this piece for the Daily Mail on resolving class differences between mothers and their children.   

I contributed advice and guidance on a Design Council Series called 'The Design Economy.' It was featured on the publishing platfrom Medium and my piece was called 'How the Internet of Things will change family life'.

When Wiley organised a webinar in response to the Syrian refugee crisis I was one of the three international panelists and journal editors discussing the refugee crisis with regard to Childrens' Welfare, Government Aid, Globalization Media Coverage and the Impact of Families.

Here's the microsite which explores the issues we covered in the webinar and which includes more than 180 free research articles and book chapters, other podcasts, and blog posts

I was invited to join a panel for OHTV's Real Talk, chaired by Trish Adudu, on the subject of child abuse and worked with HardCash productions on a documentary for ITV about forced marriages.

The Ham and High covered my work for 'Thinking Space. Race and Culture' at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, a public forum where Jaswinder Sanghera, the activist, spoke about forced marriages.

I have also contributed advice and commentary to newspapers such as the Guardian when an informed opinion is needed about family and culture related issues

I  contributed a piece on interracial, international relationships for the online newspaper 'Media Diversified', edited by Yasmin Gunaratnam